Think Like Zuck Part 1 of….

Zuck and Walter ThinkGrowRich

I was so enamored with the character played by Jesse Eisenberg in the movie The Social Network, I was rooting for him to get the girl during that lonely empty board room scene when she informs the Entrepeneur Extraordinairre, in his hoodie, “you don’t have to act like an ass%$#@.” Yes, Mark Zuckerberg caught my eye and my envy the very first time I heard/read/Googled him. Saw the movie the first week it was out…and yes, bought Ekaterina’s  book the first week it was offered. After all, Social Media is a big part of business these days and if I’m going to excel, I’d better be able to “Think Like Zuck”.

Ever since my first book report, I realized that writing about what I’d read allowed me a deeper understanding of the words that passed before my eyes, so here come’s Part 1 of my Mark Zuckerberg inspired book report. News Flash Number One: this kid can draw quite well! At least if he did indeed draw the illustration that signifies the introduction to “Zuckness”. It’s a really cool illustration of an eye, surrounded by, according to Ms. Walter the 5 precepts of Zuckthink, which are: Passion, Purpose, Product, People and Partnerships.

Passion is the first ingredient Ekaterina Walter adds to the entrepreneurial cake mix. For some reason, I felt a little ripped off….wasn’t it Deepak Chopra…or maybe Joseph Campbell…or was it Napoleon Hill who first introduced the idea that a passion for one’s work was a key ingredient if one wants to Think and Grow Rich. I’m pretty sure it was one of these guys, and I’m lead to believe the concept may be as old as Plato. So, the first step to Zuckness is one I’ve learned, which means I’m already 20% of the way there….if only I was at 20% of his Zucknet worth…maybe that will come in Part 2.

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