The Arts Are The Answer Anniversary

Little did we know 16 months ago when Paulette Lynch, Paul Congo and I sat around the table at amp that our plans would result in a dynamic local Arts program with so much potential. Plus, spinning off 8 additional programs during our first year with interviews of Internationally known Artists such as Belle Yang, Kim Weston, Lucas Blok, David Ligare and many more! The title is the brainchild of Arts Council for Monterey County Executive Director Paulette Lynch who, quite rightfully, ascribes to the philosophy that no matter what the concern or impediment, an answer can be found through the Arts. Her beliefs have been borne out time and again during program interviews with Monterey County Artists and Arts Organizations. So what’s on tap for Season II? Stay tuned, as we’re unveiling a new Calendar, a new dynamic format and another season full of great Artists, Arts Organizations, and reasons to believe The Arts Are the Answer!

One thought on “The Arts Are The Answer Anniversary

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    Click The Arts Are the Answer link to go directly to our YouTube Playlist where you can view all the episodes in a single location

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