The Arts Are The Answer Anniversary

Little did we know 16 months ago when Paulette Lynch, Paul Congo and I sat around the table at amp that our plans would result in a dynamic local Arts program with so much potential. Plus, spinning off 8 additional programs during our first year with interviews of Internationally known Artists such as Belle Yang, Kim Weston, Lucas Blok, David Ligare and many more! The title is the brainchild of Arts Council for Monterey County Executive Director Paulette Lynch who, quite rightfully, ascribes to the philosophy that no matter what the concern or impediment, an answer can be found through the Arts. Her beliefs have been borne out time and again during program interviews with Monterey County Artists and Arts Organizations. So what’s on tap for Season II? Stay tuned, as we’re unveiling a new Calendar, a new dynamic format and another season full of great Artists, Arts Organizations, and reasons to believe The Arts Are the Answer!

Now It’s Time to Launch the Rocket


All the hoopla is behind us…the wall of beautiful ocean images…the throngs of helpful Sanctuary staff…the eager faces of excited access station staff…the boxes of business cards (when are you gonna enter them in contacts, Steve?)…the brochures and DVD‘s and speeches…the session on “A Passion for Place” with Paul Michel and LZ…it’s all over and San Francisco is just a memory…a memory that will serve as fuel to launch a web portal devoted to ocean conservation with over 100 high quality videos that are entertaining and informative…and best of all FREE to community media stations across the land and across the sea..and to individuals who carry the flag and the fight to preserve and protect our oceans for future generations. Now it’s late nights at the computer, trying to beat the deadlines…dozens of server addresses to copy and link…descriptions to write…and a big ball of anxiety wondering who will help…who will ensure this project goes forward…who will stand with this author and prove to the world we’re doing what we said we’d do…right now it’s all promises…and a long Sunday night wondering if they’ll be fulfilled. Whatever the price…whatever it takes…whoever needs to be begged for assistance…this will happen…Your Sanctuary TV will come alive at midnight on June 8th..glorious in its content, superlative in its knowledge, brilliant in its images and ready to capture future partners who will join the fight for our oceans with their own images and videos and articles. The flame burns too hot to be extinguished…..hold on for it will be an unforgettable ride…hold on for the promise to launch this portal for all to share and multiply the impressions in towns, cities, counties, states and countries throughout the world will come true if it’s that last thing we do. Please join us on June 8th at for our contribution to World Ocean Day…thank you for your time and energy. Monterey Bay NMS CoastRockyCoastlineMBNMSCormorantsCordellDolphinSeaLionsCordell Stars

San Francisco Here We Come!!!

Home of ATT Park, SF Giants, Transamerica Pyramid, Golden Gate Bridge, Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, and the Alliance for Community Media National Conference where amp Community Television’s co-production with the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, Your Sanctuary TV will be presented to over 400 Television Stations this coming Wednesday….what a day and night we have planned…It all starts at 7am when the early risers gather, sucking up the Starbucks and laying out the Pop Ups for Four Full booths in the Exhibit Hall at the Westin St. Francis. There’ll be folks from the Monterey Bay, Gulf of the Farallones, and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries…dignitaries from the Washington DC Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, Dan Basta and Matt Stout…and amp staff on hand to build an exhibit 4 booths long. We’re expecting over 400 folks to traipse by our digs as we’ll be giving away a beautiful DVD collection of Ocean video programs and shorts. The type of content community TV stations across the country will enjoy broadcasting. Along with that there will be plenty of information about our National Marine Sanctuaries, Thank You Ocean, and our other partners. Plus, tickets for the Welcome Reception Giveaway, overseen by the comedy duo Michel and LZ, two guys are act normal during the day but become wild and crazy after 5pm…which is a good thing since that’s when they’ll be giving away prizes at the Your Sanctuary TV Welcome Reception…great stuff like Rocket Boat Rides, Catamaran Sails, Alcatraz Tours, Tickets to SF Playhouse, and very special tickets to visit ATT Park and see our own SF Giants take on their cross town rivals…the Oakland A’s. The wine will be flowing and food will be munched as the crowd checks out the premier of Your Sanctuary TV guided by Director of the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, Daniel Basta. After the remarks, more giveaways then it’s all hands on the streets for a mad dash to Pier 39 and the Aquarium of the Bay. Here the crowd will be treated to succulent desserts and tasty dessert wines in the Cafe, followed by a grand self-guided tour of the amazing underwater Aquarium of the Bay. Then it’s back to the Westin for any additional imbibing…or maybe out on the town for those who still have some gas…what a blast. Not to be forgotten will be the special session offered Thursday from 10:30a to 12p starring that comedy duo Paul and Steve, who shed their wacky evening personas for more formal facades in order to present: “Extending Your Reach Through Strategic Collaborations: A Passion For Place”. Yep…this year’s ACM conference will be a blast and it launches tomorrow morning…don’t miss the trip blog as timid Pacific Grove resident Steve E. makes his way north in harrowing holiday traffic to land in luxury at the Westin St. Francis on Union Square…an adventure in any language :}