The USA Will Be Okay So Let’s Create a PNN (Positive News Network)


YoungPeople2In spite of what we see on the local and national news, if the maxim that our future is  our next generations holds true, I’ve seen some great evidence that the USA will be okay in the coming years. First time I mentioned this was a month ago. Having experienced the Next Generation Jazz Festival presented by Monterey Jazz Festival for nearly 50 hours from Friday through Sunday, I was introduced to a fresh-faced, polite, passionate group of young musicians. This experience was enough to bolster my beliefs in the future of our country. Now, it’s time to sound the trumpet once again. For the past several weeks, our television station and internet sites have been abuzz about an event taking place today, May 5th. It’s a benefit for the Salvation Army, and includes a lineup of 3 local bands whose members are in their teens, several still in high school. They’re performing simply for their love of music and to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. The organizer of this wonderful event is Aaron Dally, a talented young musician. The benefit is Aaron’s Eagle Scout project. His father, Dave Dally is one of the foremost musical forces of the Central Coast. Along with being a virtuoso on violin, Dave conducts the MPC Orchestra, several strings groups, and plays in a multiplicity of bands including Monterey International and the  Monterey String Quartet. Like the Next Generation musicians, Aaron is passionate, ambitious and also polite. He refers to me as “Mr. Ellzey”. Since my own son started calling me Steve when he was 12 years old, having a young person refer to me as “Mr. Ellzey” really sets them apart from the crowd.

So if you’d like to hear some great music, dance a little, and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, come to the Carmel Youth Center today, May 5th from 2:30p to 5p. Please bring clothes or food as a donation. And get ready to experience some talented, passionate, young musicians, who will make you realize the USA’s going to be in good hands when we pass on the baton. And I include my own son in that group. He completed his Eagle Scout project last year and is one of the talented young  musicians donating his time today for the cause. For this I say, the USA will be okay, despite the gnarly headlines and if-it-bleeds-it-leads stories on our local news. Maybe it’s time to create PNN….Positive News Network, where we hear all about the Aaron Dally’s of the world…..what do you think….are we ready for that?