What Is Your Sanctuary TV?


This is the most common question in my life right now…What is Your Sanctuary TV? Even though we have press releases, a Color Brochure, a ton of emails, a website, a treatment and many other explanations/descriptions/examples. Still, the question hangs over my head like the dirty cloud over Charles Schultz‘ character “Pigpen”. So to disperse the cloud cover and open up a shiny Spring day, I’ll answer the question once again: Your Sanctuary TV is a website that will act as a portal for Earth and Ocean Video Content from a multiplicity of providers including amp Community Television, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, NOAA, Thank You Ocean, Waterways, the National Park Service, Everglades National Park, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the Environmental Protection Agency, the United Nations Environment Programme, Cartoonist/Activist Jim Toomey, and more. And just like the old Ginzu Knife commercials….but wait…there’s more! Your Sanctuary TV is also a website with direct links to all 13 National Marine Sanctuaries and 1 National Marine Monument. Your Sanctuary TV is a listing of Stewardship Organizations and links to their websites: Save Our Shores, Save the Whales, and Marine Life Studies are three great examples. Most importantly, Your Sanctuary TV represents an open door to the 600 plus Community Television Stations across the Country. On May 29th, Your Sanctuary will be presented to these stations and the over 100 programs available for free download will be showcased. In the end, Your Sanctuary TV is another tool of technology for generating massive numbers of impressions in the hope that these impressions will inspire viewers to participate in stewardship efforts and conservation methods that serve to protect and preserve precious natural resources for future generations. That’s what it’s all about and we hope you join us. For information or to become a video/informational partner please email info@yoursanctuarytv.org. Thanks for listening…spde

Waterways Adds New Worlds to Your Sanctuary TV

Sponge, coral, and searod - Florida Keys Natio...

Sponge, coral, and searod – Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Staff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your Sanctuary TV has added a content partner that will bring new worlds of wildlife, color and historic sites to the video vault. Waterways, (a co-production of the National Park Service, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and the Environmental Protection Agency) has agreed to allow Your Sanctuary TV to distribute 66 episodes of their spectacular program. Produced by the talented Erik Hutchins of Keys Digital Video, the program is brimming with underwater photography, wildlife images, and tightly scripted stories of the Southern Florida ocean and Everglades National Park. Here’s how  a Waterways brochure describes the program:

” For more than 15 years, “Waterways” has been educating viewers on the wonders of the world’s third largest coral reef, the diverse and colorful marine life that call it home, and centuries of cultural and maritime heritage. Experience cutting edge research and conservation from the comfort of your home! Learn how scientists are combating invasive species, protecting endangered animals, and promoting sustainable use of America’s great natural treasures. Get up close and personal with lionfish, alligators and panthers, or discover the secrets of historic forts and shipwrecks.”

“We are so grateful and so excited to welcome Waterways into the Your Sanctuary TV family”, said Executive Producer Steve Ellzey. “Having a program with such high production values and informative stories is absolutely  fabulous!”

Your Sanctuary TV, a repository of Ocean and Earth Conservation Video and Information, is set to launch on June 8th which is World Oceans Day.

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