Now It’s Time to Launch the Rocket


All the hoopla is behind us…the wall of beautiful ocean images…the throngs of helpful Sanctuary staff…the eager faces of excited access station staff…the boxes of business cards (when are you gonna enter them in contacts, Steve?)…the brochures and DVD‘s and speeches…the session on “A Passion for Place” with Paul Michel and LZ…it’s all over and San Francisco is just a memory…a memory that will serve as fuel to launch a web portal devoted to ocean conservation with over 100 high quality videos that are entertaining and informative…and best of all FREE to community media stations across the land and across the sea..and to individuals who carry the flag and the fight to preserve and protect our oceans for future generations. Now it’s late nights at the computer, trying to beat the deadlines…dozens of server addresses to copy and link…descriptions to write…and a big ball of anxiety wondering who will help…who will ensure this project goes forward…who will stand with this author and prove to the world we’re doing what we said we’d do…right now it’s all promises…and a long Sunday night wondering if they’ll be fulfilled. Whatever the price…whatever it takes…whoever needs to be begged for assistance…this will happen…Your Sanctuary TV will come alive at midnight on June 8th..glorious in its content, superlative in its knowledge, brilliant in its images and ready to capture future partners who will join the fight for our oceans with their own images and videos and articles. The flame burns too hot to be extinguished…..hold on for it will be an unforgettable ride…hold on for the promise to launch this portal for all to share and multiply the impressions in towns, cities, counties, states and countries throughout the world will come true if it’s that last thing we do. Please join us on June 8th at for our contribution to World Ocean Day…thank you for your time and energy. Monterey Bay NMS CoastRockyCoastlineMBNMSCormorantsCordellDolphinSeaLionsCordell Stars

What Is Your Sanctuary TV?


This is the most common question in my life right now…What is Your Sanctuary TV? Even though we have press releases, a Color Brochure, a ton of emails, a website, a treatment and many other explanations/descriptions/examples. Still, the question hangs over my head like the dirty cloud over Charles Schultz‘ character “Pigpen”. So to disperse the cloud cover and open up a shiny Spring day, I’ll answer the question once again: Your Sanctuary TV is a website that will act as a portal for Earth and Ocean Video Content from a multiplicity of providers including amp Community Television, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, NOAA, Thank You Ocean, Waterways, the National Park Service, Everglades National Park, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the Environmental Protection Agency, the United Nations Environment Programme, Cartoonist/Activist Jim Toomey, and more. And just like the old Ginzu Knife commercials….but wait…there’s more! Your Sanctuary TV is also a website with direct links to all 13 National Marine Sanctuaries and 1 National Marine Monument. Your Sanctuary TV is a listing of Stewardship Organizations and links to their websites: Save Our Shores, Save the Whales, and Marine Life Studies are three great examples. Most importantly, Your Sanctuary TV represents an open door to the 600 plus Community Television Stations across the Country. On May 29th, Your Sanctuary will be presented to these stations and the over 100 programs available for free download will be showcased. In the end, Your Sanctuary TV is another tool of technology for generating massive numbers of impressions in the hope that these impressions will inspire viewers to participate in stewardship efforts and conservation methods that serve to protect and preserve precious natural resources for future generations. That’s what it’s all about and we hope you join us. For information or to become a video/informational partner please email Thanks for listening…spde