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A skyview of the Farallone Islands, above water portion of this National Marine Sanctuary

A skyview of the Farallone Islands, above water portion of this National Marine Sanctuary

It’s a bigger subject than any blog could cover, but we’ll try to start the ball rolling. Time and time again we hear the Ocean is in trouble…and it’s absolutely true. How do we get the information out and who’s going to fund the process?  Video is one of the strongest forms of outreach available. Nielsen posits that the average American family watches over 6 hours of television per day. A chunk of that viewing is now moving over to computers…witness the millions of videos uploaded to YouTube on a weekly basis. Video is what people are seeking to inform and entertain themselves. However, the standard broadcast motto of “if it bleeds it leads” just doesn’t seem appropriate for saving our Oceans. We need to balance the “crisis call” with positive news about how people are making a difference;  how beautiful many areas of Ocean still are, and how Sanctuaries and marine preservation areas are able to remedy sections of Ocean that were in trouble. The Big 5 networks currently dominating television broadcasting in the USA aren’t going to devote a hefty portion of their money machines to saving the Ocean. That’s where Community Television steps in. Public, Educational and Government access could be the grassroots foundation for furthering the agenda of the Environmental Movement to save our Oceans. Look what Community Media did for Democracy …making transparency in government as common as cartoons for kids.  Access Monterey Peninsula has taken the cause of saving FlowerCoralour Ocean into our core mission. . Our first step was to create a program called “Your Sanctuary“. Fortunately, it was enjoyed by most who viewed it and  the program carriage grew to over 85 stations. But a single program can’t give Community Media Centers sufficient muscle to knock the ball out of the park. We need a constant and consistent stream of Ocean Conservation video. This was the motivation behind starting “Your Sanctuary TV”. To launch a portal of quality Ocean Conservation video that Community Media Centers across the country and throughout the globe can visit and download quality content free of charge…that’s right…FREE, because none of us has the funding to purchase programming.. We invite you to visit yoursanctuarytv.org, We also welcome content creators to join us in this effort. Our current inventory numbers over 100 programs of varying length;  from 2-minute shorts to over 80 “30-minute” programs. So if you would like extra distribution for your program, contact us at this blog. Please join us as we take this first swing at saving our most precious natural resource. Community Media Centers can make a difference and joining together to save the Ocean starts right now.

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amp Streams Next Generation Jazz Festival to 64 Countries

The 2013 Next Generation Jazz Festival presented by Monterey Jazz Festival gave amp Community Television a larger role in this year’s event: Record, broadcast, and stream every performance from Friday night through Sunday at 5pm. The little station that could stepped up to the task logging over 162 hours of staff and volunteer time operating 2 High Definition switchers and 6 High Definition cameras, in the Serra Ballroom and Steinbeck Forum.


The end result was pretty big for an Access Community Television station in market 126. While cable numbers are not audited by the Nielsen Company, internet streams are very accountable and amp’s numbers were nothing less than stellar. Jazz fans in 64 countries gobbled up over 760 Gigabytes of bandwidth with 8300+ total streams. In total, the amp crew recorded 56 performances which will be separated and edited in post production. The performances will be uploaded to ampmediatv YouTube and broadcast on amp2 (Comcast 27 and AT&T 99) and simultaneously streamed at ampmedia.org throughout the coming year. “We’re very excited about the numbers,” remarked amp Executive Director Paul Congo, “we doubled last year’s streams and tripled the number of countries participating.”


“The Next Generation Jazz Festival is truly an amazing event,” added Executive Producer, Stephen Ellzey, “Friday night featured an Adjudicators and Educators performance by so many Jazz greats, there wasn’t enough room on stage”. That particular performance is an event favorite and this year was awe-inspiring: A rousing set by Berklee College of Music’s Edmar Colon Quartet was followed by 90 minutes of pure jazz heaven with Jazz Artist Ray Drummond on Bass, Joel Frahm on tenor sax, Jeff Hamilton on drums, Antonio Hart on alto saxophone, Russell Malone on guitar, pianist Patrice Rushen, trumpet master Bobby Shew, bari saxophonist Gary Smulyan, vocalist extraordinaire, Kenny Washington, and the Monterey Jazz Festival’s own Paul Contos on flute. This awesome ensemble brought the crowd to their feet on multiple occasions and would easily have been worth a $1000 ticket to experience . However, like the rest of the Festival, it was Free. That says a lot about the Next Generation Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, and Monterey. There are very few festivals that could assemble a group of jazz masters like the aforementioned, no other that would offer free seats, and no other City in the world where one could walk in off the street in shorts and flip flops and grab a seat for what was a jazz experience to remember for all time. No wonder it’s so easy to walk around here with a big smile!